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GoTek Energy® DynaKinetic™ engines are suitable for use in virtually all global mobile and all global stationary engine applications.

In the mobile engine sub-market, DynaKinetic™ engines can move everything on land, on water, and in the air ranging from a lawn mower to a cruise ship.

In the stationary engine sub-market, DynaKinetic™ engines can power everything from a small refrigeration unit to a huge generator set.

The engine design is completely scaleable from 0.09 to 16+ liters applications by adjusting its cylindrical diameter and/or axial length or by stacking modules.  Our initial displacement is a 1.5 liter equivalent with stacking resulting in a 3.0 liter equivalent.  Our second displacement is an 8.0 liter equivalent with stacking resulting in a 16.0 liter equivalent.


GoTek Energy® DynaKinetic™ compressors and pumps are suitable for use in specific global gas and global liquid moving applications.

In the gas compressor sub-market, DynaKinetic™ compressors are adept at satisfying high volume mid-pressure industrial compressed gas needs.  Stacking of smaller and smaller axial length modules while connecting ports serially result in high to very high pressure output units.  Stacking of similar axial length modules while connecting ports in parallel result in very high flow output units.

In the liquid pump sub-market, DynaKinetic™ pumps can meet high flow mid-pressure positive displacement industrial fluid transfer requirements.


GoTek Energy® conducts business-to-business sales.

GoTek Energy® has three types of customers.  First, those who purchase DynaKinetic™ engines, compressors, pumps, or gas motors manufactured by GoTek Energy®.  Second, those who joint venture with GoTek Energy® to manufacture product for their own business as well as other customers and who supply capital while GoTek Energy® supplies ongoing intellectual property through a dedicated subsidiary.  Third, those who license the DynaKinetic™ product design and manufacturing process and produce it themselves.


GoTek Energy® can uniquely develop our technology to apply it to a specific application via a joint Product Development Agreement (PDA).  Our contractual PDA template is established and can be tailored with the client.  Development cost, performance, packaging, timing, and the number of prototypes included as deliverables will be captured.  A larger upfront fee followed by additional smaller payments as deliverables are achieved will be required.  Contact us with your development needs so we can discuss the possibilities.


GoTek Energy® will entertain market, application, and/or geographic region limited licensing agreements coupled with royalties to develop and apply our technology in non-core areas where GoTek Energy® does not have a desire to directly manufacture or joint venture manufacture.  Contact us with your licensing proposals so we can discuss the possibilities.


GoTek Energy® continues to have meetings and discussions with a wide variety of potential customers including ones in the Fortune 500.  We have a large number of potential customers waiting on the supply of and/or successful testing of production intent engines, compressors, pumps, or gas motors.  We have Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDAs), Product Development Agreements (PDAs), Memorandums of Understanding (MOUs), and Letters of Intent (LOIs) in place with many of these potential customers.

For confidentiality reasons, we are not able to publicly highlight the names of most of those customers until our projects are farther along and nearing production.  However, what we can say is that we have a PDA in place for air ends with an air compressor OEM, we have an LOI in place for engines for heavy lift unmanned aircraft (drones) with a rotorcraft OEM, we have an MOU in place for engines for gensets with a partner, and we have an MOU in place for engines for on-road EV/hybrid cars with an automotive OEM.  We are also a partner with Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory on a Department of Energy TCP grant to confirm our engine operation combusting on hydrogen which may open up opportunities with various government agencies or their Tier 1 suppliers.

With the successful joint execution of our air end PDA, we transitioned from a pre-revenue startup corporation to an early post revenue corporation.

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