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GoTek Energy’s® DynaKinetic™ engine, compressor, pump, and gas motor product designs were engineered from the beginning with reliability in mind.

DynaKinetic™ 4 chamber technology has only 13 moving parts.  This is a 75% reduction compared to traditional piston 4 cylinder technology products.  There is no valve train on a DynaKinetic™ product.  Put simply, less moving parts means less things to wear out.  Without valves pounding into valve seats, the use of fuels without lubricity (such as CNG, propane, and hydrogen/Brown’s Gas) become much less challenging and damaging to an engine.

DynaKinetic™ technology seals do not roll.  Instead our seals wear slightly then seat-in and stay put.  The circular geometry of our power module design, with its crossover seals which separate chambers, avoids the rolling apex sealing problems of other rotary engines which have a wobbling and rotating triangle in a figure-8 housing such as the Mazda/Wankel engine.  Our crossover seals are also counterbalanced to offset increasing centrifugal force and friction as RPM increases.

DynaKinetic™ technology runs at half the RPM to do the same job.  4 engine cycles (intake, compression, combustion, and exhaust) are achieved in 1 revolution.  Twin 2 compressor/pump cycles (intake and compression) are achieved in 1 revolution.  Put simply, less RPM means less heat and wear on main crank bearings and power module crossover and side seals.

DynaKinetic™ technology requires significantly less fuel injectors and spark plugs (on non-compression ignited engines) along with their associated wiring plus electronic driving circuitry since chambers pass by them rather than having one associated with every stationary cylinder as there is on piston engines.  Less parts result in improved reliability.

GoTek Energy® also has personnel who are Shainin LLC certified in Reliability Engineering.

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