Supplier Portal


GoTek Energy® also has the philosophy that suppliers have a higher level of expertise in their field than GoTek Energy® does.  This is why we seek advice and input from our suppliers regarding our 2D prints, 3D models, and specifications.  In other words, we believe in simultaneous engineering purchased parts with our supply base.

Since DynaKinetic™ engines are much simpler and less costly to assemble than traditional engines, the purchased parts they are assembled from are also elegantly simple.  Our suppliers do not require the build-out of highly custom or complex production equipment and tools.  Most of our purchased base engine, compressor, pump, or gas motor parts start out as extrusions and a few non-complex castings which are completed through typical machining processes.

GoTek Energy® holds its suppliers to the same standards it holds itself to.  Put simply, GoTek Energy® expects its suppliers to exceed our expectations in the areas of purchased part performance, quality, and cost as well as in vendor service and support to GoTek Energy®.

GoTek Energy® seeks to do business with suppliers who have excellent quality systems and related certifications.  We expect suppliers to at a minimum be ISO9001 certified with a TS16949 certification preference.