Engine Emissions

Emissions_Chart by Source

GoTek Energy’s® DynaKinetic™ engine applications have reduced emissions compared to traditional internal combustion engine technology.

DynaKinetic™ engines are fuel agnostic and can run off of clean gaseous fuels such as CNG, propane, and hydrogen/Brown’s Gas in addition to traditional liquid fuels such as gasoline, diesel, bio-diesel, and ethanol.

The DynaKinetic™ combustion chamber and pivot piston design allows gases to naturally and easily flow plus roll into the engine then swirl at intake and to flow plus roll then squeeze out at exhaust.

DynaKinetic™ engines employ a new state-of-the-art ignition system which will significantly combust more of the fuel-air mixture resulting in lower emissions.  Since chambers pass by the state-of-the-art ignition devices, the ignition devices are able to fire multiple times during the combustion cycle and power stroke to insure an even more complete burn.

DynaKinetic™ engines will employ a new state-of-the-art exhaust treatment system which will significantly vaporize harmful gases and particles resulting in lower emissions.

The DynaKinetic™ engine squish zone between the pivot piston top face and housing sleeve inner diameter, as top dead center is approached during compression, is an un-pinched volume capable of taking full advantage of the expanding gases after ignition.

CO, HC, NOX, THC, NMHC, NMOG, PM, and PN levels will be quantified and reported out on following our completion of EPA/CARB and EURO emissions testing.  US EPS 2004 Tier II & CARB 2015 Lev III and Euro 6c compliance will be targeted.