GoTek Energy’s® DynaKinetic™ engine, compressor, pump, and gas motor product designs were engineered with consideration of the environment in mind.

 Natural Resources Conservation

DynaKinetic™ technology is over 50% less in mass and over 60% less in size than an equivalent piston based technology. This translates into less ferrous and non-ferrous natural resources being consumed to produce each engine. Less energy is also used in the manufacturing process to produce each purchased part.


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No hazardous or restricted materials are used in the construction of the DynaKinetic™ product.


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DynaKinetic™ engines will run off of clean fuels such as CNG, propane, and hydrogen/Brown’s Gas when they are available.  In cases where the infrastructure is not in place to obtain these clean fuels then the DynaKinetic™ engine will run off of traditional gasoline or diesel fuels.  This changeover can be done on the fly and accomplished automatically or manually as initiated by the operator.

The fuel agnostic nature of the DynaKinetic™ engines encourages end customer adoption to gain the advantage of using clean less costly fuels without the worry of not being able to find those fuels.  It eliminates their range anxiety!


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DynaKinetic™ engine technology coupled with LAGER™ or other electric generator technology also supports the continued market penetration of electric vehicles through range extension when battery energy is low via our revolutionary engine/generator combination.  This same basic technology can also support hybrid vehicles.




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Finally, GoTek Energy’s® facilities will be LEED and ISO 14001 certified.  Renewable and green energy generation methods will be used.  Recycling will be employed.